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To my fellow affiliate marketers!!  This article is for those of you going through some very hard times trying to make it a go at the affiliate business.

A couple of years back I made an attempt to make money in the affiliate business and I failed miserably after spending months working 5 or 6 hours a day posting free ads in classifieds.  I bought a course from some idiot that said that was the way to do it with little or no money and because I was in need of $$$ to pay bills and 2 kids starting college I did it with all my heart with no results whatsoever.  I got burned and emotionally drained.

I am a remodeling contractor and for the past 3 and a half years I've been struggling to make a living like a lot of my friends around the world are.   It's been difficult to make a good living for the past years.  Still the internet is thriving.  Look at the sales for Cyber Monday this year (2011); almost 1.3 billion dollars and a 22 percent increase.  This reinforced my believe in this business even more.

This time I decided to give it a try once again and like I mentioned before it's been months since I started my journey.  The difference is that I didn't jump in the lake with my clothes  and shoes on this time.  I've spent all this time researching all the bull and hype that is out there.  I know there is money to be made in this business and some people are making a lot of it because they learned the tricks of the trade early on and I congratulate them, others are making a killing taking us for a ride and taking our money (the little money we have) and lying to us showing phony videos of programs that don't cut it in the real world and false statements full of income that you can alter in the computer to make it look credible.  I saw a video in You Tube on how to do this.  Incredible how dishonest people work.

The good news is that there still opportunities to make money in the affiliate business.  What little I have learned during this time around I am going to share with all of you and I hope that it will help those that are honestly making an effort to get ahead in today's difficult economic times.

What I discovered is good information that makes sense.   I've learned a great deal during the past seven months exploring the Internet, reading tons of e mails, watching hundreds of You Tube videos and looking at innumerable amount of offers and programs which promises to make me a rich in a week.  I want to let you know that I am no professional writer just a regular guy and that I will try to explain it in a way that makes sense, so please bear with me.

First of all if you have a small amount of money to start, like me, it's important to use it wisely.  In this business like any other business is essential to manage your money efficiently.  You don't need a big bankroll to start with, go with what you have first until you get to the advertising part of the business.  Here you may need two or three hundred dollars to pay for your ads.  I am going to mention what I believe is necessary to get started and that every penny you spend doesn't end in the wrong pocket. 

Ok.  Here goes the plan to make some money in this business.  I do not mean millions or even thousands to start with,  just hundreds per week.
  • Open an account with Clickbank, it's free and it only takes a few minutes.  Please take time and get familiar with the page.  There are a lot of affiliate websites with a lot of good offers and programs but Clickbank is the most recognized in the industry and they always pay you.  You sell your products you get paid.  Follow this link to open your account>>>
  • After opening your account go to the marketplace section and browse each category.  Look for the products with the highest gravity numbers in each  category (no less than a 100).  Pick the three with the highest gravity and those are the ones to promote in each category.  Begin by promoting 1 or 2 products that you like using the technique that follows.
  •  The best way I found to promote our affiliate offers and the least expensive is using Solo Ads in e-zines.  These Solo Ads reach thousands of readers in one shot and because is cheap to advertise versus the other options , you recover your investment with 1 or 2 affiliate sales and the rest is pure profit for you.  
  • There is a program that I found that list all the best e-zines in the Internet by category and circulation (number of readers) that I recommend.  This system saves a lot of time in research (there are hundreds of thousands of e-zines) and speeds up the sales process.  Check this program>>>  or this page for a list of e-zines>>>
  • Match your product with the proper e-zine category, pick one that appeals to your budget (no more than $50 per ad to start) and place the Solo Ad with them.  Try placing at least 2 or 3 ads of the same product to start with and pick the e-zines with the highest circulation.  Spread them around to find out which ones works better for your product.
  • Clickbank affliate username so you get credit for the sales and to shorten and cloak your url's (lots of thieves out there).  I use for this purpose and it's free.  Watch this video >>>
  •  Please reinvest some of your profits by placing more Solo Ads (sometimes you get 2 ads for the price of 1 so take advantage of these offers) and adding another product.  Do this often to increase your bank account. 
Follow this method, take your time, don't rush, do it right and you be making a fair amount of money in no time, usually in less than a month.  Your decisions have to be sharp in order to maximize your time and money. 

Keep a log or diary close by so you can document all your passwords and usernames of all the sites you are working with regularly, any new ideas, titles for your ads, new hot words that come to mind, keep track of your solo ads advertising budgets and sales results, etc.  

There are other ways to make money with your affiliate business.  I will write about them very soon, so stay tuned.

Get some free Ebooks on internet marketing with resale rights. Give them away to your customers for free.  Don't wait, go get them now while you can>

Please leave a comment and share your experiences so we all can profit from it.  We all want to know how you are doing.  God bless!! and Happy Holidays to all.

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