Saturday, December 31, 2011

MAKE THE MONEY:Text Cash Network

Hello friends!  I thought that I wasn't gonna write another blog before the end of this year and here I'm connected to my blog site and ready to pass along information that I believe is relevant to our success at Making the Money in 2012. 

The reason for this late and final blog of the year 2011 is that I have been researching various programs and opportunities to make $$$$ in 2012 and one of these is a program called "Text The World".  During the past 30 days I have seen a very dramatic surge in memberships to the tune of almost 170 k new members.  This program is related to text marketing in the cell phone industry.  You have to read the information and judge by yourself.  I like it.  The best part:  It's FREE to join, nothing to buy and pays pretty good.  It's launch date:  January 16, 2012 and why I'm writing this blog.  There are some comparisons to Groupon and other recently launched hot companies and how "Text Cash Network" can achieve huge success in this industry.

I find this concept very well positioned to Make The Money for us starting now especially because there is no $$$$ investment and it's FREE to join.  As of today there are around 238,000 members already enrolled from countries all over the planet and I bet that in the next 2 weeks before it's launch date it will pass the 1 million mark.  If you own a cell phone you are in.  With 8 billion cell phones around the world I see a huge market that is untapped and ready to explode.  Click Now >>>

Check this info from the company and what they have to say and I quote:   " We spent 2 years of planning to TEXT THE WORLD and to launch T.C.N. PROJECT 2012 and we are proud to announce that we currently have the capabilities to text 165 Countries at the rate of 15,000 texts per minute. Imagine the capability to text 900,000 per hour or over 215,000,000 texts per day.  

We are now ready for our next phase which is to get 100 million people around the globe to opt into the T.C.N. Communications Network. The moment we accomplish this incredible goal we believe T.C.N. will have a monetary value of over 20 billion dollars. We plan to take up to 50% of our sales and value and share it with the T.C.N. Referral Agents Worldwide whom have helped us accomplish this goal. Imagine up to 10 billion dollars in value shared with the people who help build the infrastructure. Do you remember the truck drivers, cashiers and others who started with Walmart and all became millionaires.  

By registering with us today you are now at the foundation of T.C.N., without you and others like you we cannot accomplish this amazing goal of getting millions and millions of people to opt in to receiving text, not just in the U.S.A., but around the globe. How do we plan on doing this in record time? ONE PERSON AT A TIME! Your team starts with YOU. T.C.N. has made it SIMPLE, EASY and PROFITABLE for you to build a large and potentially profitable team quickly. We believe that using the power of duplication of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 we can get the message around the globe in less than 2 to 3 years.  

     1. Share T.C.N. with your warm market and all your e-mail and text contacts.
     2. Put it out on your Facebook, Twitter and any and all of your social networking sites.
     3. Begin use the T.C.N. "Get The Word Out" Advertising Platform in your Back Office today.

With the power of just 2 referral agents you can build a team of over 2,000 in a 10 level referral grid. Just increasing it to 3 could grow to over 88,000 and with 4 or more is just hard to even put into print. The most important one right now is YOU. The only thing you need to do right now is follow The T.C.N. plan which is ENJOY IT & REFER IT = PROFIT.  

We hope that today, you begin to enjoy the journey of building your new Text Cash Network Referral Team and that you are able to  achieve a level of success that most only dream of. Start RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW. You have 86,400 Seconds in a day...We suggest you do not waste one of them for tomorrow they will be gone for good never to come your way again" unquote

Enough said.  Take a serious look at this opportunity, the pay arrangements and join right now so you can start building on it before it's launch 16 days from now.   Click Here >>>

Happy New Year to all around the planet and lots of good wishes and blessings to you.

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